Xtz 1200 euro 4 .

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Xtz 1200 euro 4 .

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Euro 4 tuning per cylinder tuning complete with deceleration fbw mapping per gear and mode deceleration fuel cut p2195 p0030 p0050 fault codes found and removed. Graphs to follow of percentage tps and yds info. Tps done in degrees 0-85. Rpm limiter increased. And of course smoother power delivery 😍
Stage 1 flash now available 😉

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Re: Xtz 1200 euro 4 .

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🌲 🌲 🌲 🌲 🌲 💨💨💨💨 power xtz1200 😎

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Re: Xtz 1200 euro 4 .

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Most excellent news, may the great work continue. :D :D :D :D

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Re: Xtz 1200 euro 4 .

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Just had an excellent bench flash for my Euro 4 Yamaha XT1200z from Gary at Mototuning.ie. What an improvement! Smooth on/off throttle transition; more linear, crisper throttle response; no excessive fuel cut decelleration (particularly off cruise and when changing up through the box); no more hunting at a constant speed (o2 sensors switched off); just much, much nicer to ride. My last XT1200 was “tuned” at Hilltop using invisible fairy dust, which made no difference to the bike at all, nor was there any difference when I went back for a refund and the fairy dust was removed. Gary’s flash has just confirmed, without any shadow of doubt, that absolutely nothing was done to my last XT1200 by Hilltop. Many thanks to Gary and Chris @CJS Racing.

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